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Stationery & Co.

The importance of details

A wedding cannot be truly "tailored" and memorable if you don't pay attention to the details because in the end, it is precisely these that will make your day special and unique.

First of all, the invitation, which is the business card of the wedding. Indicate to the guests the style they should expect, even before the useful info, for this  it is a mistake to underestimate them thinking that they will be thrown away anyway. It is not always true among other things, for example the most loved by our spouses are the invitations in plantable paper.


We create small scenographies and arrangements such as the tableau de mariage, the placeholders,  the sugared almond, the photobooth, etc... Everything must have a single fil rouge that will accompany the guests throughout the entire event.

The favors can only be equally special such as: seedlings, bonsai, gastronomic, vegan soaps and candles, etc ... all organic, handcrafted and customizable products.

*We are an eco-friendly Atelier, so even for all the stationery we use recycled or English paper produced with respect for the environment. 

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