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Flower design

Custom Weddings

A floral workshop that loves nature and is inspired by its spontaneity, loves its natural beauty and that is why we have never liked artificial, precise, geometric and excessive floral compositions. For us, elegance means simplicity, and what could be more beautiful and simple than a spontaneous rose garden or a wild flowers field? our style aspires to recreate for your wedding the unique elegance of an English secret garden mixed with a poetic and romantic bohemian mood of France and England at the beginning of the twentieth century.

We don't have standard "packages" for mass weddings.

Ours is a real Made to Measure Wedding... like a dress, created on you, on your personality, on your history and on your passions... therefore a unique and exclusive wedding, which can only be yours.


A wedding, a Tree planted.

La Di Dà was born with an ecological spirit before anything else.

We are nature lovers and we try to have as little impact as possible with our life and our work. Because of this we collaborate with Treedom by planting trees around the  World.  We are proud to have so far created two forests of cocoa trees in two Countries (Cameroon and Guatemala) which have so far absorbed 1.10 t of CO2, while also helping peasant families who take care of it.

At every wedding we give you a Tree from the La Di Dà forest which will bear your names and the date of the event.  Each tree is geolocated and you can follow the stages of its growth, see videos on Treedom's activities and latest news, the level of Co2 it absorbs and much more. You can even visit him! it is a real adoption. The more weddings we have, the more trees we can plant with your help. Let's all make our planet a better place together.

Find out more here.


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