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Simona Frasca 
Fashion creactive director& co-founder

Thomas Mann said that "adversity creates tremendous opportunities" and it doesn't get any truer. If things had been easy for me, I wouldn't be here now. If I hadn't been so "unlucky" at certain moments and hadn't received NO, maybe I wouldn't have had the courage to dare and I wouldn't have realized my dream.

I'll spare you the usual story of the little girl who designed wedding dresses and sewed dresses for dolls, rather I remember that as a child my mother often made me choose fabrics to make clothes for me. Sometimes he would invent a gathering, a collar, a particular embroidery,... Well, what really fascinated me was the idea that a simple piece of fabric could become what I wanted, something wonderful to wear.

So I learned to dream, to imagine, to create.

Craftsmanship means Art made concrete, as well as the art of knowing how to do with the hands, and I have fallen in love with this vision ever since.

Thanks to my parents, I had the privilege of attending one of the best fashion and marketing schools in the world: the Polimoda ENT ART in Florence, Italy.

Many adventures have seen me work in various sectors in the fashion world, moved to London and then landed in the cinema in Rome, as director of tailoring and assistant costume designer. However, I knew that I could give more, so I resigned from a permanent contract and decided to start over by myself, throwing myself into a project of my own (which later evolved into what is now La Di Dà, together with Domenico, my husband ).

Today I work a lot more but I'm happy. I live near the sea between my fabrics and my imagination.


Domenico di Nuzzo
Wedding designers, CFO & co-founder

I was born on June 21st, a "magic" date for many ancient peoples and I like to transmit a little magic in everything I do. I've been organizing events since I was basically a teenager, but I graduated from law school.

It was a safe and bright future, if only I hadn't found it deadly boring. In the meantime I started organizing events in the cinema sector in Rome, recreating sets, researching props, attending productions and so on... and there I began to find myself and savor the creative and stimulating freedom that I had set aside.

​I left my legal career to complete my skills and attend an international course in Flower Design and Marketing. In life I have learned the importance of listening to yourself, without letting yourself be influenced by what others expect from you. Life is a one-ticket carousel, might as well get on it and see what happens.

Today I enjoy conceiving and implementing ever new projects and structures and working with Simona on the many goals we have in the works. My aim is not only to logistically organize your wedding, but to make your visions real.


The Atelier

In 2015 when we decided to get married, Dome and I could not find a wedding dress that suited my personality, nor a florist with a natural and modern style. We were desperate! the question arose spontaneously: was it possible that there were no suppliers for unconventional people?

In the end I sewed the dress on the weekends and we prepared the arrangements for the location ourselves on the wedding day, but this unknowingly lit a spark within us.

It was only a year later, on a spring afternoon and at a time when you think nothing surprising can happen, and that is during a funeral procession, that the spark exploded!

From there it took another year for the idea to evolve into what is now La Di Dà.

We imagined a fixed place but which encloses many journeys, in time and space.

The visible tailoring, just like the kitchen of many famous restaurants, so that you could immerse yourself in the creativity that takes shape through the sartorial methods of true Made in Italy.

We figured our style, recognizable and unique, which looks to the '20s and '30s reinterpreted in a contemporary and unconventional key.

Couture collections and made-to-measure dresses, starting from the sketch up to the hand-packing to which add a precious touch to exclusive and unique dresses, such as antique lace or vintage buttons. And then we imagined our floral projects,  100% personalized and of the highest quality, as well as the artisanal stationery service and organic favors.

Finally a relaxed, comfortable and unique place, where unconventional spouses could meet and organize their entire wedding in one place.

Since 2017 all this has become a reality.


​The name La Di Dà is taken from "Annie Hall", a cult film by Woody Allen and winner of 4 Academy Awards. In the film the word is hummed and meaningless really, but it was so popular that it has since entered the English vocabulary and means several things, including something unconventional, sophisticated,  literally old-fashioned informal. We found it perfect!


The search for beauty has always been the goal that moves everything we do, after all paraphrasing Dostoevsky,The beauty will save the world. But what is it beauty for us? 

The metallic sound of an old typewriter, a hand-painted tea cup, a vintage dress worn by who knows who.


The wind that moves a flowery field, the sea in winter, a painting by Hopper is beauty. The poetry of Ungaretti, a glass of southern red wine. The original people.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are beautiful, the shots by Hitchcock, the voice of Nina Simone. The smell of old books is handsome.

This is what inspires us, together with a Bohemian mood from the beginning of the last century.

Our mission is to spread a little more beauty around the world, by exalt free and unconventional spirits.

This is why we have decided, for example, to give away a book by Virginia Woolf for each dress in the Bloomsbury collection, or to collaborate with emerging artists and create a community in our Journal.

Our collaborators themselves have a life path that has led them to find themselves making that seam, that little button, that lace or that embroidery. All bits of life that give a soul to our clothes.

We always say that ours are not just clothes, but Stories.

If we think of beauty, however, first of all we think of Nature. In fact, our floral arrangements are inspired by secret gardens, wild flower fields, the spontaneity of its natural lines.

Furthermore, our Atelier was born eco-friendly, which means that we try to impact our Planet as little as possible with our lives and our work. For example, we discourage the use of non-recyclable wedding carpets. We use increasingly sustainable floral techniques. We use Oeko-tex certified natural fabrics for our collections and our wedding favors are handmade and organic.

Our Atelier is powered by 76% renewable and natural sources and for every Wedding we plant a Tree with Treedom.

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