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Collection / Chapter 1

Virginia Woolf is the great inspiring muse of this couture collection. Bohemian writer, icon of literary feminism and of a nonconformist and inclusive lifestyle that she shared with the Bloomsbury group she founded, she is famous for the streams of consciousness of his novels.

Thus we imagined not only clothes but intimate dialogues.

Atmospheres of the 20's and 30's of the 20th century for a boho chic bride with flowing lines in pure silk, while geometric games refer to art deco, for a timeless refinement.

A rediscovered romanticism thanks to embroidery, tulle and bohemian lace that recall ancient kits.

13 Dresses, divided into 2 chapters. A character for each dress and for each dress, a book. 

It's our gift to you.


It was one of those days

For Virginia it was one of those days. One of those days when the house felt like a prison. He paced up and down in his study, finding no peace, finding no remedy for his anguish.

What was wrong? Why did the pen remain to stain the paper without making any words appear?

He made his way to the living room to observe the sea outside his window...

...Read more here the short story by Laura Buzzegoli that introduces and inspired this photo shoot. You will love it.

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