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L A  DI  DA'   IS   A   SA R T O R I A L

A N D   F L O R A L   A T E L I E R

B O R N   F R O M   A   D R E A M

F R O M   R O M A N T I C   L I T E R A T U R E

F R O M   A   B O H E M I A N   S P I R I T

F R O M   P O E T R Y   O F   P A S T   Y E A R S

A N D   F R O M   L O V E   F O R   A R T.

R E D E F I N E S   T H E   B R I D A L   G O W N

A N D   C O N T E M P O R A R Y   W E D D I N G  



The wedding dress reminds you what it means to be you. This is his power. Find yours, pure silk will do the rest.


A bespoke Wedding thanks to a floral project created exclusively for your religious, civil or symbolic ceremony.

Flower design

The importance of details that speak of you such as invitations, tableau de mariage, wedding favors...

Our Brides

Your dress is not just a dress.

It is a precious story to be lived and handed down

or, if you want, to transform

to continue to tell.


La Di Dà... simply THANK YOU.

You have not only made our wedding possible by taking care of every single detail impeccably, but you have magically made it perfect in all respects.

In each of your creations you could smell love, care and perfection.

You made sure we arrived at the wedding day serene and stress-free.

Great professionals who know how to "listen" and read you inside like few others.

You Simona.. fairy hands, you transformed my dream dress into reality, making it even more beautiful than I ever imagined. WOW!

An exclusive, high fashion dress, designed just for me.. I couldn't ask for anything better!

Domenico and Simona: Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

If our Wedding was so magical and unique, it's only thanks to you.

Veronica & Pasquale, Bacoli

Our Weddings

Sometimes there is a single image whose content

it radiates to such an extent that it is in itself

an entire narrative.

HC Bresson


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